Quite possibly, the Greatest Show on Earth.

We here at Cuyuna Lakes MTB Festival headquarters are sometimes hard to impress, we have big goals, lofty really. We shoot for the moon, this time we struck it.

The Festival itself will be stationed in the Crosby Memorial Park right on the shores of beautiful Serpent Lake in Crosby. There’s a kids playground there, an epic playground, a Ride Center quality playground for the wee tots. There’s a tank there, tanks are cool. There’s a bandstand featuring live music from 11:00am to 11:00pm. There is a ginormous serpent there too, worth having your photo taken by for sure.

But wait, there’s more.

There will be a Kids Tour de Park Bike Race. (Sweet!)
There will be a Spirit of Cuyuna Bike Art Exhibition. (Art is good)
There will be a Vendor Village. (Fun stuff to buy is nice!)
There will be skill camps, group rides, and bike clinics. (Meaning, if you’ve never ridden a mountain bike yet, but want to, this is a soft landing point to get started.

Speaking of soft landing, get this.
US Airbag is bringing in their free fall station, rather than trying to explain it, how about we show it. (Or a close relative to what you’ll see in Cuyuna)

But wait, we’re just warming up!

What’s that you say? You like riding brand new demo bikes? Well do we have the deal for you! How does an army of 2013 Giant bikes sound to try out? Maybe you’d like to give the Jamis demo fleet a try? While you’re at it, go see what the Niner demo bike camp has to offer you.

Never before will you have such an opportunity to learn hands (and feet) on what all these awesome bikes are like. In one place, on one day, in one town. Mountain Bike Town, Minnesota - Crosby/Ironton.

You thought we were done though didn’t you. We’re not.

Looking at taking a new bike home with you for a really low price? You can. Trek Bicycles has donated a full bike to be raffled off. Sweet. Our friends at Jamis donated a sweet, sweet, sweet bike frame to be raffled off (Did we mention sweet?) Then, if all this wasn’t enough to explode your brain already, the Factory BMX Stunt Show will be offering up a best in class BMX bike to one lucky youth in attendance.

Here’s a quick video look at the BMX talent:

Think about it.
It’s time to book the 9th of June into your calendar.
Put it in red ink to ride the red dirt trails.

Stop procrastinating, there is only one Cuyuna Lakes Ride Center, and this is our only Mountain Bike Festival.

Get here, on the 9th.

Your friends at the Cuyuna Lakes MTB Festival headquarters. 

PS) By the way, we forgot to mention the Night Rides. An expert ride and a beginner ride. You need to do this too. Thank you for registering!


Not just a parade, a Cuyuna Lakes cycling parade!

Pictured above is a photograph from the Chequamegan Fat Tire 40 in downtown Hayward, Wisconsin. Great photo by Kelly Randolph as featured in Bike Magazine.

We here, at the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, like the idea of a bike parade, however we felt the need to add a Cuyuna Lakes twist to it.

So we did, costumes. That’s right, brothers and sisters of the cycling fraternity, costumes. We also want all cycling enthusiasts of all practices to participate. Mountain bikes, fat bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, BMX bikes, tandem bikes, recumbent bikes, trikes, unicyles, and for sure, the pedal-free, stride bikes.

Rumor is, this is also a costume contest! We need you to compete!

Be a kid again, have fun, laugh, ride in costume and visually demonstrate our collective zest for life.

Parade staging begins at 9:30am on Saturday, June 9th at the Crosby Memorial Park. The official parade begins at 10:00am led out by the Man High Moonlander and the Cuyuna Lakes Merry Makers. Join the fun, revel in the moment, be a part of Cuyuna Lakes cycling history.

See you on the 9th of June, and by the way, register for the Kryptonite Hill Climb. Challenge yourself, you know you want to!

Festival swag now arriving by the truck load!

That’s right folks, event swag is showing up by the truck load as we speak. The 2012 event socks are without doubt a badge of honor that you’ll want to showcase on your ankles for the remainder of the 2012 ride season. (Please remember to take them off once in a while though, for a quick trip to the laundry.)

We’ve purposefully designed these socks to be Cuyuna savvy. Meaning, Cuyuna is famous for it’s red dirt tattoo. With these socks, you’ll be able to ride all Festival weekend long and they’ll still look brand spankin’ new.

The sweet Festival logo is proudly displayed on each ankle, allowing you to brag to your homies that didn’t come about the sweet “all-you-can-eat” flow trail you devoured while they sat at home and watched paint dry.

These socks will be ready for your $12.00 purchase when you come to the event.

Click here to register for the Kryptonite Hill Climb, the Huntington Time Trial, the Poker Ride, the Kids Race, the Night Ride! ( Did we mention there is a night ride for beginners this year? That’s right, no excuses this year and the Cuyuna Lakes Yeti is hibernating, we think … ? )

See you on Saturday, June 9th in Mountain Bike Town Minnesota, the Cuyuna Lakes.