Festival swag now arriving by the truck load!

That’s right folks, event swag is showing up by the truck load as we speak. The 2012 event socks are without doubt a badge of honor that you’ll want to showcase on your ankles for the remainder of the 2012 ride season. (Please remember to take them off once in a while though, for a quick trip to the laundry.)

We’ve purposefully designed these socks to be Cuyuna savvy. Meaning, Cuyuna is famous for it’s red dirt tattoo. With these socks, you’ll be able to ride all Festival weekend long and they’ll still look brand spankin’ new.

The sweet Festival logo is proudly displayed on each ankle, allowing you to brag to your homies that didn’t come about the sweet “all-you-can-eat” flow trail you devoured while they sat at home and watched paint dry.

These socks will be ready for your $12.00 purchase when you come to the event.

Click here to register for the Kryptonite Hill Climb, the Huntington Time Trial, the Poker Ride, the Kids Race, the Night Ride! ( Did we mention there is a night ride for beginners this year? That’s right, no excuses this year and the Cuyuna Lakes Yeti is hibernating, we think … ? )

See you on Saturday, June 9th in Mountain Bike Town Minnesota, the Cuyuna Lakes.