Night Riders Unite!

David Hasselfhoff was stellar in Knight Rider, however, even he pales in comparison to the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Festival, Night Rider, group rides.

This year we’re upping the ante. There will still be the expert/intermediate class going out for their red dirt ride in the sweet night of the Cuyuna Lakes, but this year, just because you are a beginner doesn’t mean the fun ends when the sun comes down.

We’ve flown in night ride instructor talent all the way from the city of Cuyuna and Deerwood Township to help instruct newer riders who want to take the first step towards riding the night shift.

What will the beginner rider need?
1. To register for the Night Ride, that’s the first step. We’ll get into beginner and expert/intermediate groups at the park. So don’t worry about entering what type of rider you are online when registering.
2. A light fit for night. If it’s too dark to run with at night, it’s going to be hard to ride with it too. 
3. A sense of humor. A willingness to learn. A desire to have fun.
4. A mountain bike, that is super important.
5. Prior experience riding a mountain bike on the Cuyuna Lakes MTB Trails.

The beginner night riders will be experiencing the Yawkey Unit, (Haul Road, Man Cage, Trout, then we’ll see how it’s going) the experts, well, we don’t know yet, we haven’t caught up to them quite yet (They are fast you know!). Our guess is they will be riding the Huntington Unit, but you’ll just have to catch up with the expert/intermediate ride leaders Saturday night. Regardless, it’s night, it’s red dirt, and it’s the Cuyuna Lakes.

Looking forward to lighting up the night once again this Saturday, June 9th. Register soon!